Learning More than Required: Edu 790 Social Media & Emerging Technologies

I’ve had the pleasure of designing and teaching a Social Media and Emerging Technologies course for Dominican University the past two years. This course has been offered as an 8 week online graduate level course. This year I was asked to teach it on campus to a group of River Forest District 90 teachers, many of which I’ve taught in a previous course. There are differences between an online 8 week course and a 16 week face-to-face course with teachers you’ve already taught- time being a big one.

Students in the face-to-face course received much of the same content as the online group did (discussions on how we use social media and what platforms we visit, digital tattoos, PLN exploration, research and digital spaces mapping). Because we were face-to-face we had many discussions and time to talk about our learning but these educators also kept a “Reflection Journal” via Google Docs where they were able to reflect privately and I was able to ask specific questions.

When our content was c…

Coonley Tech News Volume 9

Back to School Tweets

In Chicago we start school with our students the week of Labor Day so our first week is always 4 days long. To build excitement for the new school year each day I release a different Twitter prompt for our students and teachers to respond to. Past examples include: what are three things you love about Coonley? What are you looking forward to learning this year? What does your teacher need to know in order for you to be successful this year? What is one thing you learned this summer? For our teachers that already use Twitter they respond directly to the prompt and tag us. Those that don’t use the platform still contribute! Many will give students post it notes, use their whiteboards, index cards, etc. to respond to the prompt. The teachers will then snap a picture and send it to me to post for them. This not only allows our parents a sneak peak into our classrooms but also our teachers some talking points about responses they receive. Each year more teachers join Twitter to be a …

Google Tips & Tricks for Workflow

Originally designed for Coonley School. Access the Document directly here:


A presentation created for Home Grown PD for Coonley faculty.

Coonley Tech News Volume 8

Five Things Students Should Do to Stay Safe and Secure Online

Five Things Students Should Do to Stay Safe and Secure Online This article was written and published on ISTE's blog in December 2017

As adults we often engage in activities that keep our computers, bank accounts and families safe. Our list of “to-do’s” continues to grow as our use of digital technologies increases. While these tasks are rote to us as adults we cannot expect that our students will follow our lead. It is our responsibility as educators to make sure our 21st century learners know how to do more than surf the web and consume media. All educators from classroom teachers to technology coaches and administrators should provide time during the school day to lead the discussion on digital literacy. Here are some ways to make sure our students stay safe and secure online:

1. Teach Students to Conduct Data Mines (on themselves) This should be something that students do every 3-6 months. While many will “Google” their name we need to teach them to dig deeper. Here are some ge…